One – to – One Tutoring

We design the training/course based on your specific needs after a detailed needs analysis. Some of the needs we have helped our clients include: help with presentation, interviews, negotiation or even meetings. We also help with particular area of vocabulary, important Exam preparation and developing your confidence in communicating in English.

Why Choose Our Private English Classes?

  • Class syllabus and materials tailored to your individual learning needs
  • Flexible timetable to fit around your work schedule and / or family commitments
  • Opportunity to focus on professional English (medical, legal, business etc.) or an area of General English (pronunciation, formal writing, speaking)
  • We also offer Two-to-One (2:1) or Three-to-One (3:1) courses for those who wish to study together.

Mini-group English Course Overview

Type of the Course When? How many lessons in one pack? Course fee per person per pack How many students in class?
One-to-one Flexible timetable

[Each lesson last 1.5 hours]

15 lessons [22.5 hours] €375 1
Mini-group of 2 15 lessons  [22.5 hours] €300 2
Mini-group of 3 15 lessons  [22.5 hours] €270 3
Mini-group of 4 15 lessons  [22.5 hours] €225 4